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Final part of Joshua series – THIS SUNDAY

This Sunday is our 13th and final part in Joshua and Keith will be speaking about Joshua’s “famous last words” as he gives Israel this famous send off. In last sermon to his people, Joshua chooses his words carefully and urges the people in 2 key ways. 1) Remember Who brought you thus far and 2) and perseverance with the famous words “As for me and family we will serve the Lord.”

See you there!


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G3 – Next Tuesday 5th July, 7.45pm @SLC   Leave a comment

G3 5th July. Why Church? pt 3 &  Foodbank Update.

Why Church? part 3 will be looking at Community, Worship and why Sunday mornings? Including video interviews with Terry Virgo on community and why Sundays?

We’ll also have a longer foodbank update.

All beginning with a time of worship and waiting on God.

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This Sunday

This Sunday we have Keith and Rachel Cooper visiting and Keith will be speaking. They are looking to plant a new church in Chester and it will be great to hear from them and catch something of their heart for Chester and Cheshire!

Also, Friday morning we are meeting to worship and pray at 6.30am, would love to have you pray with us.

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This Sunday – Joshua part 10 & G3 This Tuesday – don’t miss it

Joshua part 10 “The Long Day of Favour”¬†

This Sunday we’ll be back in Joshua (only 4 more to go!) looking at the day the Sun stood still and the favour of God on his people and those associated with them.

G3 – this coming Tuesday 3rd May, 7.45pm at SLC

G3 is really important this month as we start our mini series on “WHY CHURCH?” looking at why, how and when the Church became a reality in the NT and what it means for us today. We’ll be exploring contemporary questions such as, did Paul and Jesus agree on Church? Which came first the NT teaching about church or early church practice? and What should the church look like today?

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Easter Sunday – Luke 24 “Were not our hearts burning?”   Leave a comment

This Sunday we take an Emmaus Road view of Jesus and look at the kind of powerful passages he opened up from the Old Testament to Cleopas and the unknown disciple.

After all was said and done one question remained: Who is this? Who Can You Hear? They were in no doubt!

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Last Prayer Meeting – before Easter!

Tomorrow morning 6.30-7.30am – last prayer meeting this side of Easter.

Start again Friday 6th May.

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G3 Growth Groups Gathered  РTonight 7.45 at the SLC

Worship, followed by prayer and ministry.

Please come expecting to be refreshed and re-energised for all that God has called us to in Macc and beyond!

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