Where is the SOLID ground?   Leave a comment

It doesn’t matter what you pin your hopes on, eventually it all dissolves, crumbles or has a major wobble. Banking, housing, pensions and even people it seems are not to be totally relied upon. In a society where nothing is dependable and everything is subject to change or is perpetually “shifting,” the question remains, where is 100% SOLID ground to be found?

Perhaps the question is not where but who?

People we know, let us down, we even let ourselves down. Even those people who seem solid, rock-like, dependable and trustworthy can have their moments. Even when we don’t fail morally, we know we can at any moment fall prey to physical weakness, disease, illness or accident. However strong we feel, we are vulnerable.

So if the question is not where or who? What is left? This is desperate and depressing!

This is the feeling of Rev 5:3, no-one (and presumably no where) could be found that was capable of carrying the human race through to a better future. It is desperate and John can only weep (v4).

Suddenly, in verse 5 we see the answer, turns out the question WAS “who?” but not a mere human “who?” This “who” is described as The Lion, The Root and a Lamb (v5-6). Elsewhere he is the Prince of Peace, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

For now I think we need to know more than anything, that he is described as  our Rock of Ages, no shifting in him, no crumbling, no potential wobble.

In the end, when all is said and all has been done, it will be Him and me, Him the solid ground and me in complete dependence on Him.


Posted March 23, 2011 by silklifechurch in Leadership

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