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Its a Tough Call to be a Disciple. Norman Gaddas’ sermon now online

Great sermon from Sunday – packed with truth for living the Christian life and following the King whole heartedly. Its the story of Peter and the heart to heart call from his Lord on the beach.┬áPeter can now love the sheep in a better more understanding way, he is more qualified because of his failure, wow, the grace of God!! Jesus calls us to follow, from the heart, forgetting forgiven sin and following Him no matter what!


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Shift worker missionaries at Silklife

Great time praying this morning and during this time of worship and seeking God for the town it struck me again how God is more interested in who we are in him and what we do for him than going through any religious hoops.

I was specifically reminded that at Silklife we have a few shift workers including doctors, a nurse and a policeman who represent us as a church in our town. As well as these we have many busy people who also sometimes can’t be at an event or with us on a Sunday morning due to the nature of their work.

Far from their job being an inconvenience to church life, we must see (and I think we do!) that they are missionaries we have the privilege of calling brothers and sisters. They are smack bang in the middle of God’s calling on their life and serving him on their called front line, serving in a way that we can’t. Where would the church be without them? Though we may need to create ways to relationally connect if we miss them from time to time, they are a invaluable part of who we are.

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G3 Next Thurs

G3 next Thursday 3rd Feb is fast approaching, should be a great evening, worship, teaching on the prophetic and seeing what God has to say to us, looking forward to it.

PLEASE NOTE: we will be upstairs in the creche room, starting at 7.45pm.

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2 sermons for the price of one!

Sermons from the last 2 Sundays are now online,

Enjoy Dave G’s look at “Christ Living In Us” from Gal 2 and Keith’s “Obedience Under Fire” from Josh 5-6.

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