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What we tell our kids about Santa

Helpful example of how one family handle the whole “Santa thing” – you may choose to do it differently, but this at least gets you thinking…


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Hi everyone

When you did it for one of the least of these, my brothers and sisters, you did it for me.  Matt 25:40

Things are moving quite fast at the moment and I wanted to keep everyone up to speed with what’s happened(ing)

Lisa has done the shopping for 8 boxes which has been paid for by the social action fund at church, and our home group are going to pack them this thursday evening, or whats left of them! because…..

…I took a box in to the town hall this morning, and got a phone call this lunchtime for another, which Wendy is going to deliver tomorrow morning.  Anna’s going to take 3 of the remaining 6 in to the town hall  by the end of the week so that they have a bit of a stockpile and then they will let us know when they’re down to the last one.

On Monday Gareth took a box to a couple who we have helped before and had a great meeting with them, laying the foundation for building a relationship.

Jo (one of the housing officers) has told everyone in her team about this and they are all really excited about it and have outlined a couple of other areas, such as home starter packs, for when people are rehoused either in social or private housing.  There is obviously a lot of untapped need and we need to keep seeking God and see where He wants to lead us.

We had quite a few donations on Sunday- THANKYOU! and I’m going to make sure the box and some shopping lists are left in the church by the end of this week.  It really is making a difference to people’s lives.

Our God is so amazing
much love Txx


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THIS SUNDAY – JOSH 5 Forgive and Not Forget


Joshua Part 5 looking at chapter 5 and the circumcision at Gilgal and God’s closing of a dark chapter for the Israelite people and how this speaks of what God has done at the cross for us. We now live in the light of this and never forget what Jesus has done.

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G3 TONIGHT 7.45pm Newfrontiers V&V- Sunday Carols 3.30pm-No morning meeting

The Silklife Centre is warm, cozy and ready for the Church to gather!

Tonight is a fresh look at our Vision and Values as we look together at the V&V we share with our family of Churches in Newfrontiers.

After much time given to worshipping God, we will hear from Terry Virgo (via DVD) and have Q&A.

ALSO, Sunday is fast approaching, please remember THERE IS NO MORNING MEETING THIS SUNDAY! Instead we are having Carols, mince pies and mulled wine – starting at 3.30pm.

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