This Sunday: People, presence and GLORY

This Sunday is part 4 in Josh looking at Joshua chapters 3 and 4: the people, the presence and the glory of God. We will see how the New Testament treats these themes and how they apply to us today. In the OT the people followed God’s anointed leader, this is different for us now, everyone is a minister and no one is EXTRA special. In the OT the presence of God was in the temple and in the Ark, in the NT and now, we are his temple and we experience his presence when we gather, no buildings required! God’s passion for his glory is consistent throughout OT and NT, in Joshua 12 stones are laid as a monument to his glorious reputation, in the NT we are His “living stones” who display his glorious wisdom as we are church together!!




Posted November 17, 2010 by silklifechurch in Community updates

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