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“Cardless Christmas” for Samburu   Leave a comment

Want a year off from writing loads of cards to others at church?

This year we want to suggest two alternatives and that we all donate the money saved to the people of Samburu through the “Samburu Women’s Empowerment Project.”

Either: 1) put 1 card to the whole church on the notice board, or 2) email Christmas greetings to each other and then put your donation to Samburu in the Sunday offering in an envelope clearly marked “SAMBURU” with your name if it is cash for Gift Aid purposes.


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EXCLUSIVE – G3 in December – an evening with Terry Virgo

DECEMBER’S G3 is going to be all about Values!

What are we keen not to drop as we go after the great commission for the King and His Kingdom? What is our flavour? What do we want to look like? What are the values that we want to go for as a  Newfrontiers church?

To find out…come along on Tuesday 7th Dec, 7.45pm.

Please note there will not be a G3 in Jan, next one is February-an evening exploring the prophetic with Paul Basson from South Manchester Family Church.

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I can move chairs for Jesus!

“I can move chairs for Jesus…I’ve not just heard sermons about who I am in Jesus I know who I am,” Don Smith, speaking on being “A Bulldog” – an important talk about running the race well, with closing thoughts honouring those who finish well. Click here to listen,

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This Sunday: People, presence and GLORY

This Sunday is part 4 in Josh looking at Joshua chapters 3 and 4: the people, the presence and the glory of God. We will see how the New Testament treats these themes and how they apply to us today. In the OT the people followed God’s anointed leader, this is different for us now, everyone is a minister and no one is EXTRA special. In the OT the presence of God was in the temple and in the Ark, in the NT and now, we are his temple and we experience his presence when we gather, no buildings required! God’s passion for his glory is consistent throughout OT and NT, in Joshua 12 stones are laid as a monument to his glorious reputation, in the NT we are His “living stones” who display his glorious wisdom as we are church together!!



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This Sunday – Mercy for the Outsider

This Sunday – Part 3 of our Joshua series, This is the one about spooks, Rahab and God’s massive heart for the outsider.

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