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Silklife people are amazing!

Wow, anonymous gift left this week to support our mens (curry and beer tasting) evening in Oct.

Looking forward to Sunday, special guest speaker…


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Newday – day 6 update

Ashleigh’s highlights from day 6: Mainly the prayer meeting in the evening and God giving us a passion for the topics we were praying for. I’ve never prayed so passionately and I really felt God’s heart for his people. Oh, and my mums tent getting stolen and hidden, gotta love the fellowship here in the camp

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Newday – update from day 5

Gabby’s highlights from day 5: going the wrong way on the dodgems, morning ‘senemeneminar’ on churches that change the world, God really met with me and the evening meeting was amazing, matt redman’s last night!

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Newday – day 4 update

It’s day 4, highlights from Will: i got up having an extra hour lie in, then i had a lovely warm shower, gorgeous breakfast of bacon and egg, at 9am i went off to the prayer meeting which started the day off really well. The morning meeting went extremely well, matt redman leading us and steff liston preached about death…..keeping this shortish….the main highlight today was seeing 371 people healed and 300+ saved. Also my milkshake was great and it didn’t rain! lots of love, will. p.s. hi mum!

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Newday – day 3 update

Harry’s highlights from day 3 were: julian adams’ talk, perfectly complemented with matt redman’s worship leading. It looked like thousands of people being spiritually moved in a life changing process.

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newday- day 2 update

no update last night – instead we all stood staring at the clear Norfolk night sky watching an incredible meteor shower…the rest of day 2 was great, sun shone and meetings were brilliant… update from day 3 later.

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Newday-we’ve arrived

We’ve finally got here…great first day, safe travel, tents are up and food is world class! Each day we will have a report from a different person, today is Lizzie’s turn. Her thoughts: ‘great mars bar and malteser milkshakes and over 6000 teenagers kneeling down to worship God in Joel Virgo’s preach. Awesome!’

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