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Sunday – All for ONE!

This Sunday we finish our series in Colossians, looking at how Work, Prayer, Outreach and Teamwork are all elevated in the light of who they are all ultimately undertaken for.

See you there, 10.30am!


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Early Morning Prayer meetings, 6.30-7.30am

Starting Friday 10th Sept at The Silklife Centre.

We’ve felt stirred to pray more and invite as many as want to to get along before work every Friday morning and seek God.

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Please pray for PJ and family

Please pray for our friend PJ from SA who has been a great influence on our young people at Newday and us all through his preaching gift, please pray for healing and for his wife Ashleigh and their 3 sons. You can read more on his personal blog page below:

His updates on twitter also reveal his reliance on God:

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Prayer Meeting -This Sun 18th July, 7.30pm at SLC

Really looking forward to praying as a church this Sun evening.

Exciting stuff to announce about our building and big stuff to pray for and belive God for, see you there.

Robert Murray Mcshane, ‘what a man is on knees before god, that he is, nothing more.’

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Father and Son

“We are accustomed to thinking of God’s love towards us…but we must not neglect to consider the surpassing greatness of God’s love for his Son.” quote from “pierced for Our Transgressions,” IVP.

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update from toam

Together on a Mission, Newfrontiers Leadership Conference.
Nick and I are here with over 3000 other leaders from dozens of nations. I’m really enjoying this week, hearing quality teaching and having my heart and vision renewed. Terry Virgo’s series on Eph 6 is brilliant. First day was Be Strong – by going to God. Today is putting on the armour, in all of this Terry communicates the reality of the Christian battle, the need for well rounded defence of marriage, family and the ongoing need for us to be immersed in God, his truth and his presence.
There is much to do, we need to get foundations right. Churches to plant, lives and nations to see God change, we must be equipped. From today – all our own righteousness is dung, not just our sin, our best efforts! Put on His/Jesus’ breastplate of righteousness not our own performance. Our performance won’t be very consistent, we get old for one thing. Then the Shield of faith; when you can’t meet people’s demands anymore and feel you can’t go any further, can’t cope, no money, worried etc, then we have to fight the fight of faith, its not automatic, fight!!…excellent!
See you all Sunday!

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