No Nonsense

In Col 1 v 2:6-23 Paul outlines particular nonsense that had been threatening the life of a small church in the small and waning city of Colossae approx AD 60.

They had people among them who began to think it was cool to worship angels, follow laws about special food and special days.

With any such passage in the bible our reaction is not to be one of disdain at the incompetence of our Christian predecessors, but to discover how we might be in danger of similar nonsense now.

Likewise we could dwell on the craziness of celebrating New Moon Festivals and abstaining from certain foods without thinking about how much we pin on Lent or our obsession with the right diet.

In the end, Lent, Christmas, Easter, chocolate or no chocolate, beer, fitness and health are all shadows when our bodies are 6 ft under. This is Paul’s main point; they all mean very little compared to the reality that is found in Christ.

To finish off Paul then puts the boot in on the self-improvement brigade. Diets, health videos, 10 point seminars….”lack any value in restraining sensual indulgence!” v23.

Elsewhere Paul values physical exercise and discipline of the body but he wants the Christians in Colossae not to put their ultimate trust in anything other than Christ.

In other words, “you want to be a better person? Correct Answer= Christ. Incorrect answer=anything else; including fitness videos, sport, Lent, TV and Radio health experts….!”


Posted June 22, 2010 by silklifechurch in Leadership

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